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Power of Nature

The bison series is one of Jennifer's most defining work.


The bison have had a difficult history in Canada. From the near extinction to the reintroduction of bison populations back into the wild around the world. Jennifer's studio is half an hour away from Elk Island National Park where there has been great conservation to protect and breed the last remaining wild herd of plains and wood buffalo in Canada. Her inspiration also comes from the bison sculptures recently discovered in France which remained in tact, carved from stone 14,000 years ago.


Jennifer's bison sculpture is a testament to how how like stone, the bison will remain as due to their strength and importance in the natural landscape . Protected by rock just like the caves in France but also emerging from the stone into this new world. 

For more information:

This is Callan, he enjoys a large cup of Ale and dark and stormy evenings outdoors.
He is a beautifully modeled Brown Brazilain Soapstone Bison, finished with Danish Oil.



bison brown 2.jpg

Alexander Bison

Protecting its herd and munching on grass and berries are on this Bisons list of favourite things to do.

This Brazilian Soapstone Bison is finished with Danish oil.

Dimensions :



Emerging Bison 1.jpg

Cornelia Bison

She enjoys long distance running and cool summer nights.

A nicely mixed Brown/Green Brazilian Soapstone Bison Finished with Beeswax.





Ophelia Bison

She enjoys romance novels and tennis.


There are Burgandy and brown tones in this Brazilian Soapstone Bison, finished with Danish Oil.



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